USA Football
Mandatory Fundrasisng

Fundraising is an important part of our program, it allows us to strengthen our program and keep up with maintaining our equipment and the facilities we utilize. The Clearview Youth Football & Cheerleading fundraising program utilizes a raffle style fundraiser. Each child registered is charged an additional $75 at the time of registration, for which they will receive (15) $5 raffle tickets at the parent orientation on the first night of the practice.

Each family will recoup the initial $75 fee for each child charged at registration through the individual raffle ticket sales. You may request additional raffle tickets to sell, which would be used to gain a free game jersey prior to the start of the season. All additional ticket sales will be due 1 week prior to the issuance of game jerseys.

Raffle ticket schedule:

1st week - $250 Visa© gift card

2nd week - $250 Visa© gift card

3rd week - $250 Visa© gift card

4th week - $250 Visa© gift card

Annual Social - prize $500 Visa© gift card (Winner pulled @ Annual Social)

Annual End of Year Banquet - prize $1,000 Visa© gift card (Winner pulled @ Banquet)